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Are you considering joint replacement?

Are you considering joint replacement? Get the facts. Find a fit. Plan Ahead. Three tips to keep seasonal changes from slowing you down.

It’s officially fall in the Mile High City, and along with cooler weather and shorter days, there will soon be another sure sign of fall in doctors’ offices across the country: full schedules and busier waiting rooms.

As consumers meet their annual healthcare deductibles, many revisit procedures they have put off during the active summer months to ‘cash in’ on their annual investment in deductible payments. If you are one of the millions that will contemplate a joint replacement procedure this fall, be prepared! Plan ahead and take these three steps:

  1. Make an informed decision. Is joint replacement right for you? Take our quiz as a first step to learn more. Click this link – http://on.fb.me/1fD5uZc
  2. Book a consultation. All reputable specialists insist on at least one consultative appointment before scheduling any kind of surgery. This is your opportunity to get familiar with your surgeon, discuss your personal situation, and find the best treatment and recovery plan for you. Doctors’ schedules fill up fast this time of year, so book an appointment now if you want to consider treatment options before year’s end.
  3. Get ahead of the change. If you have insurance, you don’t have to wait until next year to get the treatment or consultation you need now. Next week, Colorado’s new health insurance marketplace will begin to offer plans to consumers and small businesses for coverage that takes effect in January, 2014. While no one knows for sure how the new exchange marketplace will impact the demand for and deliver of healthcare services, one thing’s for sure: physicians, support staff and patients will all be spending extra time navigating the new laws, which will likely complicate scheduling and staff availability. Get ahead of the change by planning for your care now.
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