shoulder instability

Chronic Shoulder Instability

The shoulder is among the most flexible components of the human…


A SLAP tear happens when you tear the cartilage in the inner…
shoulder pain rotator cuff injury

Common types of shoulder injuries: how to tell if you have a rotator cuff tear

Shoulder pain can mean many things, including any of these common…
shoulder injury

Common Treatments for Shoulder Injuries and Shoulder Pain

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When is a shoulder replacement the right solution for your shoulder pain?

Shoulder pain can stem from a variety of injuries or diseases…
shoulder replacement surgery, what are your options?

Considering shoulder replacement surgery? Options and what to expect

Shoulder replacement surgery is a procedure that is done to reduce…
Rotator Cuff PT Exercises Video

Rotator Cuff PT Exercises

For patients recovering from an injury of the rotator cuff…
Shoulder Replacement - How to choose the right doctor

What to consider when choosing a shoulder replacement doctor

Having shoulder replacement surgery is a serious decision, so take time to find the right surgeon for your needs. Read more here.
Shoulder Replacement

When is it time to consider shoulder replacement surgery?

And what type of surgery is right for you? Shoulder replacement…