Caleb Jennins, PA-C feature photo

Caleb Jennins, PA-C

Lindsay Orcholski, PA-C feature photo

Lindsay Orcholski, PA-C

Alex Latham, PA-C feature photo

Alex Latham, PA-C

Tara Barr, PA-C feature photo

Tara Barr, PA-C

Andrew Gardner PA-C

Andrew Gardner, PA-C

Sarah Davis, PA-C, MBA

Sarah Davis, PA-C, MBA

Angelina Waller, PA-C

Angelina Waller, PA-C

Angelina Waller is a Certified Physician Assistant who works with Dr. Cary Motz, Dr. Todd Alijani and Dr. Mark Failinger.
Sarah Tilly, PA-C
Mandy Petry, PA-C