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It’s all in the wrist…

Your wrist and hands are home to more small bones, joints and ligaments than you may realize. These joints can become inflamed and ligaments injured in the most instinctive of activities. Did you know that most wrist injuries are either the result of an impact or the byproduct of repetitive use (e.g. carpel tunnel syndrome, […]

Success Story: Ben Nilsson

At age 59, Ben Nilsson has seen more action in the mountains of Colorado than most people have in a lifetime. He’s been hiking, alpine skiing, and fly-fishing for decades, and even won a spot as an alternate to compete on the Loveland Ski Area demo team, which competed in the International competition at Aspen […]

Painful back and spine injuries aren’t just for retirees.

Just look at 24-year old Ricky Fowler, who has struggled with lower back pain for years. While the experts debate why such a young and fit pro is plagued with chronic pain, they often agree on common issues that contribute to pain in recreational and amateur golfers: flexibility, mobility and the mechanics of the swing. […]


Knee arthritis patients who have exhausted non-surgical treatment for knee pain have a relatively new option to delay total knee replacement. It’s called MAKOplasty – a minimally invasive, computer navigated and robotic assisted approach to partial knee-resurfacing. Active adults whose arthritis has not advanced to all three knee compartments, and have an otherwise healthy knee, are often good candidates […]

What Kind of Runner Are You?

Do you know how your feet land each time you take a step? Do you know why it matters? Understanding if your feet tend to roll inward (pronation) or outward (supination) can help you to keep logging the miles by wearing the right type of shoe, or supporting orthotic, if needed. The Wet Foot TestTo find out if you are a pronator, have […]