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Beyond the mound: What any young athlete can learn from Mo’ne Davis

Our bodies are designed to do many things, but throwing overhand isn’t one of them. Yet every day we see athletes doing just that. In fact, this summer we watched a thirteen-year-old pitcher captivate the country during the Little League World Series. Mo’ne Davis became the first girl to pitch a complete game shut- out […]

Know Your Benefits

Do you know your benefits?  As the end of the year is approaching, it is more important than ever to be familiar with the details of your healthcare plan. From deductibles to the paperwork that goes with it, the new healthcare laws impact many elements that come into play at this time of the year. […]

Pain in the Back(Pack)

It’s back to school time! Kids across Colorado are heading back to school and most are carrying a heavy load. And those shoulders aren’t slumped just because the carefree days of summer are over. Kids of all ages are lugging heavy backpacks full of books, school work and sports equipment – and they often tip […]

Micah Worrell, DO

Welcome to Dr. Micah Worrell

Welcome to Advanced Orthopedics Dr. Micah Worrell! As a competitive short and long-course triathlete, and dedicated osteopathic physician and orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Worrell really embodies the spirit of being active. His personal experience as an athlete not only keeps him fit, it provides a great personal understanding of the unique aspects of multisport injuries; so […]

It’s all in the wrist…

Your wrist and hands are home to more small bones, joints and ligaments than you may realize. These joints can become inflamed and ligaments injured in the most instinctive of activities. Did you know that most wrist injuries are either the result of an impact or the byproduct of repetitive use (e.g. carpel tunnel syndrome, […]