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Healthy Knee Cartilage

Missing something? Diagnosing, Treating and Recovering from Damaged or Deteriorated Knee Cartilage.

  You have probably heard a friend or family member complain of pain from the friction of a “bone-on-bone” joint problem. But what’s behind this often-agonizing pain and what’s missing? In a word: cartilage. What is cartilage? Cartilage plays a critical role as a cushion and smooth surface that helps our joints glide as we […]

Sochi Slush: What we can learn from the less-than-Olympic snow conditions in Russia.

February 17, 2014 – With temps ranging from 50-60 degrees at the Winter Olympics, snow conditions have been difficult, and downright treacherous for many athletes. Believe it or not, spring skiing is around the corner in Colorado, and with those wonderful warm days will come some less than ideal conditions. So what can amateur athletes do to […]

Double knee replacement puts Littleton man back in the action after a 10-year hiatus.

Littleton, Colo. Jan. 31, 2014 – It’s never to late to revive a passion, and nobody knows that better than Littleton, Colo. resident Clink Brookhart. The 73-year-old had competed in triathlons for nearly 20 years before giving it up in 2002 at the age of 62. His bone-on-bone knee injuries made it too painful to compete […]

Health and Fitness New Years Resolutions

This year, as is often the case, two of the top five resolutions relate to fitness and health: #1 is to lose weight and #5 is to “stay fit and healthy.” Statistics show that only eight percent of us are successful in achieving our new years resolution, and a recent UK survey says that Friday Jan 24 will be “fail Friday” for many new years resolution makers […]

Ski boot pain rings…are you listening?

Ski season is in full swing and a long day on the slopes can be exhausting – in a good way. But your après ski pain should be limited to a little post-workout soreness, and not pain from your ski boots. Sometimes described as a good, firm handshake, a proper ski boot fit should provide three things: 1.     Free toes2.  […]