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Choosing a Denver orthopedic surgeon? Four considerations for finding the right fit.

If you’re trying to choose a Denver orthopedic surgeon, there are several important things to consider so that you can find the right fit for your needs. Here are four to get you started.

A good Denver orthopedic surgeon wants it to be all about you

First, it’s important to think through your personal situation and preferences so you can find the right fit. Every person is different, and your lifestyle, goals and nature of your injury will all impact your needs.

For example, competitive and recreational athletes often want to see an orthopedist who specializes in sports injuries and recovery plans. These sports medicine specialists use the latest technological advancements, working closely with athletes to minimize recovery time while being careful to prevent re-injury. They use a team of experts – often all under one roof – to give athletes the best treatment protocol available. This starts with imaging and other advanced diagnostic tools, and also includes an expert treatment team, from physicians’ assistants to physical therapists.

Many patients also prefer to try non-surgical solutions first before making the decision to have surgery. If this sounds like you, look for a specialist who is experienced in non-surgical solutions, such as a physiatrist, physical therapy, or a surgeon who has a focus on minimally invasive techniques that get you back to your routine without major surgery. If non-surgical options are a viable alternative, they’ll help you look at all the options and determine the best treatment plan.

Whatever your preferences or circumstances, the best Denver orthopedic surgeons want to know you as a whole person so they can provide recommendations that meet your needs.

Look for Denver orthopedic surgeons that are experts in their specialty

Orthopedic surgeons that specialize in specific areas and techniques can become experts in their field. Some of these areas of expertise include:

Denver is also home to some of the top orthopedic surgeons that specialize in areas such as MAKOplasty, the anterior approach to hip surgery, non-invasive treatments like injections or strength and conditioning treatments.

As active leaders in their area of specialization, many top orthopedic surgeons are board certified, and are active leading industry organizations, participating in research and advocating for development of new and innovative treatments. They also volunteer their time and services to communities in need.

This level of commitment and specialization gives surgeons the depth of expertise to diagnose and treat even the most complicated orthopedic conditions.

When orthopedic specialists take a team approach, you win

Many of the top Denver orthopedic surgeons are part of a group of doctors, physician assistants, medical assistants, x-ray technicians, and others, who work as an integrated team. And within each practice, there is a wide variety of physicians who have each received specialized training in orthopedic surgery and in specific subspecialty areas, so you’re sure to get access to the right types of expertise all in one place.

When orthopedic surgeons use a multidisciplinary approach, it can also provide patients with a better, more streamlined experience. In this set up, your care team works together to treat you, sharing your goals, progress and treatment plan in a way that improves your diagnosis, surgical and recovery experiences.

Consider referrals, reviews and awards

When a patient receives great care, it shows. That’s why many of the top Denver orthopedic surgeons are routinely nominated for prestigious positions or awards, or sit on national boards for their specialty. Likewise, patients from all walks of life share inspiring success stories regarding their injury, treatment and recovery, so that patients with similar situations can get a feel for the type of orthopedic surgeon that can be a good fit.

There are many great choices in Denver. Orthopedic surgeons who are experts in their specialty, committed to their patients’ success, and dedicated to continuously advancing their field are available across the front range.

The team at Advanced Orthopedics and Sports Medicine is just a call or click away to help you find the specialist that best fits your needs.

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