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Christopher D'Ambrosia, MD

Christopher D’Ambrosia, MD

As a Interventional Physiatrist, Dr. Christopher D‘Ambrosia treats a wide range of problems including sore shoulders, spinal cord injuries,…

Sports Injury Prevention for Spring Sports

Sports Injury Prevention: Spring Sports Conditioning and Rebuilding Good Habits are Key

PLUS: Tips for Young Athletes For many people, the past year has been hard on our bodies. We fell out of our routines and took on new ones, some to the detriment of our physical fitness. Even our kids are feeling the difference from shortened or canceled sports seasons, missing P.E. and recess at school, […]

Davis Hurley, MD

Davis K. Hurley, MD

Dr. Davis Hurley was born and raised in the Southwest before calling Colorado his home…

torn ACL

Does a torn ACL always require surgery?

Torn ACLs are a common result of active lifestyles. Nationally, hundreds of thousands of ACL tears occur each year. The vast majority of ACL injuries – experienced more frequently by athletes and females – are often the result of sudden movements such as a pivot on the soccer field or a sharp turn on the […]

Wayne Gersoff, MD

Wayne Gersoff, MD

Dr. Wayne Gersoff recognized his desire to enter a career in medicine, and, in particular, surgery, at an early stage in his education…