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Keep Your Swing Strong

Even though the first frost has come and gone, many of Colorado’s courses are still going strong. If you can get out a few more times this year, Littleton’s Arrowhead Golf Club tees up a generous schedule from March-November and at the Broadmoor Golf Courses, golf can be played all year long with occasional interruptions for snow during the winter. Inverness Golf Course showcases its top 100 resort ranking 362 days a year (with “occasional pauses for weather”).

But when the snow falls, even the most ardent among us seek cover. For those days, here are a few tips to keep your swing and your back strong all winter long.

1. Get strong to the core – Yes, you’ve heard this one before! Core strength provides critical support and strength for your back. Exercises are available for all ages to help build and strengthen your core, and we’ve suggested a few here. Your doctor can identify the exercises that are most beneficial for you based on age and activity level. Remember: strong core, strong back.

2. Settle into the right easy chair this winter – the right chair. One with strong back support that allows your legs to be perpendicular to floor provides your body the right partner for your time off your feet. Rest easy, but rest correctly.

3. Give your indoor chores a friendly lift – indoor activities such as organizing, storing, or pulling out those boxes of holiday decorations all place strain on your back. Put the right muscles to work and use the quads muscles in your legs – not your back – to do your winter lifting and cleaning.

Old man winter doesn’t need to slow your game down. Invest in your back and you’ll spring back to action with the warmth of the spring sun.

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