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Be Active 2015 – Video

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For just over a year now, the team at Advanced Orthopedic has been “walking the walk” through our Be Active Campaign!

Our own Dr. Hurley and this idea on a walk on New Year’s Day 2015, and since then, members of the Advanced Ortho family have been showing their AO pride walking, running, skiing, climbing, biking and much more! Our efforts have taken us to Hawaii, Jerusalem, Honduras, Panama, Costa Rica, Alaska, Grand Canyon, up 14ers, to Washington DC, Chicago, Florida, Seattle, to the Super Bowl, and all over Colorado.

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What can you do to Be Active in 2016? A walk, a run, a ride? Surf, swing, and dance? Triathlon, Triple ByPass, and Triple Active? Hike, Support, and Volunteer?

Help make the 2016 Be Active Campaign: higher, longer, funnier, more colorful, and most importantly: more YOU

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