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Pilon Fracture Of The Ankle

Pilon Fracture Of The Ankle

Anyone can get a pilon fracture of the ankle. They can have significant effects on a patient’s life and should, therefore, be seen as potentially disabling injuries. These injuries were first described more than 100 years ago, and today they are still as challenging to treat. This makes finding the most skilled, experienced surgeons to treat it. Like those at Advanced Orthopedics in Denver, Parker, and Aurora, Colorado. They are often severe and painful injuries that can cause long-term issues, such as arthritis in your ankle joint.


Pilon is the French word for “pestle” and was introduced into orthopedic literature in 1911 by pioneer French radiologist Étienne Destot. A pestle is a tool with a rounded end that’s used for crushing and grinding substances. This type of bone break is called a pilon fracture because of the crushing force that often causes them. A pilon fracture of the ankle is relatively rare. Because of the strong impact that causes this fracture, many people with pilon fractures can have additional injuries.

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