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Hand, Elbow and Shoulder Disorders


The human hand is an intricate instrument that is both tough and delicate. Its functions of sensations and motion allow us to experience and control the world around us.

One in three industrial or home accidents involves injury to the hand. There are numerous conditions that relate to the injury, disease and deformity of the wrist and hand that are treated by our physicians.

Arm & Elbow

Your arms are made up of 3 major bones, the humerus, radius and ulna. Your arms are also made up of muscles, joints, tendons and other connective tissue. Injuries to any of these parts of the arm can occur during sports, a fall or an accident. Additionally, some nerve problems, arthritis, or cancers can affect the entire arm and cause pain, spasms, swelling and trouble moving.

Your elbow joint is made up of bone, cartilage, ligaments and fluid. Muscles and tendons help the elbow joint move. When any of these structures is hurt or diseased, you have can develop elbow problems.

Many things can make your elbow hurt. A common cause is tendinitis, an inflammation or injury to the tendons that attach your muscle to the bone. Tendinitis of the elbow is a sports injury, often from playing tennis or golf. You may also get tendinitis from overuse of the elbow.

Other causes of elbow pain include sprains, strains, fractures, dislocations, bursitis and arthritis. Treatment depends on the cause.


The shoulder is a very mobile joint and because of this mobility is prone to injury. When pushing, pulling, reaching and swinging our arms the shoulder joint is used. Even simple tasks like getting dressed in the morning involves use of the shoulder.

Because it is used so much, and because it is so complex, the shoulder is often injured. Problems with the shoulder can happen over time with use or due to a sudden injury. Fortunately our surgeons can provide relief from the symptoms caused by a shoulder injury.

The highly qualified orthopedic surgeons and physiatrists at Advanced Orthopedic & Sports Medicine specialize in the evaluation, diagnosis and treatment of hand, arm and shoulder disorders. Our physicians have expertise in non-surgical care using conservative comprehensive care such as physical therapy, interventional care, and injections. If surgery is necessary, our board certified surgeons have advanced training in hand, arm and shoulder procedures.

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