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Richard K

Dr. Jacobson was spot on with his diagnosis of the bone spur in my ankle and the best action plan with which to treat it. I needed to be on a quick recovery timeline to miss as little of the ski season as possible and I was able to schedule surgery quickly and on a day that worked for me. The surgery went exactly as planned, with no additional trauma (or drama.) The bone spur was removed with only 2 small incisions and the procedure was minimally invasive. Dr. Jacobsen is very enthusiastic about his work and at times can move almost a little too quickly during office visits. He would listen to and answer my questions, but definitely wants to keep things moving along. Ultimately he knows his stuff and I was very pleased with the outcome of my surgery. I was on the mountain skiing within 5-6 weeks! Overall a very successful procedure and experience. I would recommend him to anyone needing ankle surgery.

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