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Ericka M.

Dr. Jacobson, I don’t know if you remember us, but Brennan was a patient of your who ruptured both ligaments in his ankle…twice…one on each side. You did the double ligament repair surgery his freshman and sophomore years. THANK YOU! We want you to know that Brennan worked extremely hard to rehabilitate those injuries, sometimes up to 5 hours a day. It was hard to get back to his previous level of athleticism, but thanks to you, he did it! This year, his senior year, he played extremely well. His team of 9 guys, with only 6 starters, won Districts, and Regionals, and went to State for the first time in 22 years of school history! Our school is very small. So this was a BIG deal for the community. He will never forget this season with his best friends. It was awesome and such a blessing, so thank you.

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