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Eveline T

Dr. Jacobson, following my first attempt to correct my foot problem and the mishap with the insurance company, I was resigned to put it off. You did change my mind and I am grateful for it.

Tammy W

Thank you Dr. Jacobson. I walked the beaches all week and my foot and ankle was great. Off to Europe! Thanks again.

Katie O.

Thank you so much for doing my surgery Dr. Jacobson. You did a great job! I promise I will be a compliant patient.

C. H.

Dr. Jacobson, Thank you for the new ankle, it really changed my life.


Dr. Jacobson, despite the circumstances, we have enjoyed getting to know you through my course of treatment. Thank you again for making the healing process less difficult. Your positive and friendly demeanor helped. All the best.

Ericka M.

Dr. Jacobson, I don’t know if you remember us, but Brennan was a patient of your who ruptured both ligaments in his ankle…twice…one on each side. You did the double ligament repair surgery his freshman and sophomore years. THANK YOU! We want you to know that Brennan worked extremely hard to rehabilitate those injuries, sometimes […]

Emily S

We are so grateful for Dr. Jacobson’s competence and care as he took care of our little girl’s sweet toe.

Alfred and Eveline T.

The ankle brace Dr. Jacobson prescribed for my husband was ready by 6-28-17. An interesting procedure to watch the cast being made to achieve the perfect fit. It does make a difference in his gait. Both of us thank you for your help.

Kelley P.

I wanted to take a few minutes to Thank-you for your exceptional work from your Staff and your Doctors. I came to you initially to get a second opinion about a surgery for my daughter. We saw Dr. Jacobson He was impressive. 5 years later I broke my toe and I choose to see Dr. […]

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