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Anna S.

Dr. Hurley, Thank you for fixing my wrist. Ironman here I come!

Jack C

Thank you so much Dr. Hurley, for all your assistance regarding my ulna fracture. I appreciated all your efforts to help me recover in order to be ready to report to the U. S. Air Force Academy. Once again, thank you.

Kevin M

Dr. Hurley, I just wanted to say thank you for providing such great care and attention to me for my broken finger. As I told you in the office, I am extremely appreciative of the fact that you made room to see me on such short notice. I know how busy you are, and yet, […]

Elizabeth W

I wanted to take a minute to thank Dr. Hurley for my wonderful office experience. A friend referred me to you because of the pain I had on top of my wrist. I was unable to continue playing tennis in my club championships before our appointment. But thanks to your professionalism and skill, you took […]

Arlyn L

Dr. Hurley did surgery on my left wrist in 2005 and it’s been perfect until I broke it again in April 2014! Because of the positioning of the fracture, he put me in a very cool cast/brace and followed it closely. This one healed just fine without needing surgery.  I point that out because some doctors are only interested in […]

Dewayne E

Back in 2009 I had surgery on my left shoulder and Dr. Hurley was the one that operated on it. That shoulder is 100% right now. On 07.31.14 I injured my right shoulder and knew immediately that I needed to see him again. I went in and we looked at the x-rays and decided to not do surgery unless […]

Bonnie S

A million thanks to Dr. Hurley for all you did for my hands, and a million more thanks for all you are!! Thanks for changing my life back to more normal. You are truly gifted!!

Jayce A

I just wanted to thank Dr. Hurley for fixing my arm and putting my cast on.

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