PT Office Parker
PT Office Parker
PT Office Parker

Physical Therapy

Our partnering with physician groups sets us apart from other outpatient physical therapy groups.  With these working relationships we are able to communicate quickly and easily with your physician providing a multidisciplinary approach to your treatment.  These unique relationships give us the ability to streamline your treatment process leading to superior outcomes in a shorter amount of treatment time.  Our staff and your physician meet frequently for patient file reviews and educational seminars to stay on the cutting edge or the evidence based research in the both fields.


Our mission as health care specialist is to provide one-on-one personalized care to help individuals with musculoskeletal conditions by utilizing hands-on, evidenced based techniques to enhance wellness and performance throughout life.


You can expect to see your Doctor of Physical Therapy and Certified Athletic Trainers with one-on-one treatment time for individualized treatment every visit.  They will provide detailed examinations and education about why you have pain and how to avoid it from returning.  A detailed treatment plan will be discussed with progressions and reevaluations to insure an exceptional outcome and return to a lifestyle enjoyed by you, the patient, prior to your injury.  We achieve this by utilizing evidenced based medicine including manual and manipulative therapy, detailed and specific exercises and the latest technology such as Trigger Point Dry Needling for quick and effective pain relief.

Contact: (303) 214-4595

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