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John Papilion, MD

Born and raised in Denver, Dr. John Papilion was determined to return to Colorado to practice after studying medicine in Ohio and Virginia..

What is Dupuytren’s Contracture?

Dupuytren’s Contracture is a hand irregularity that causes one or more fingers to bend towards the palm. As the condition progresses, the affected fingers can become stuck in their forward positions – impeding hand function. Directly beneath the skin of the palm lies a fibrous layer of tissue that can thicken and form nodules within […]

Party Ready? Your head-to-toe guide to this year’s holiday celebrations

Last year, many of us celebrated low-key holidays in our sweats and PJs, but this year, more people are gearing up for a season of festive – if still socially distanced – events. That means doing many things we haven’t done in a while. With the holidays upon us, are you party-ready from head to […]

What is a Hip Osteotomy and when can it relieve hip pain?

What is hip osteotomy surgery? Hip osteotomy is the process of cutting or reshaping bone – in this case, the bones of the hip joint – to improve joint alignment or function. The hip’s ball and socket joint is where the femur and the pelvis come together. Hip osteotomy surgery strengthens the hip by realigning […]


A Denver native, Dr. Alan Ng went to Chicago and Texas for his medical training and surgical fellowship as well as a short stint in…

When is a shoulder replacement the right solution for your shoulder pain?

Shoulder pain can stem from a variety of injuries or diseases or overuse. Identifying the source of the pain and the extent of the damage is essential to determine the best course of action to relieve the pain. By conducting a complete medical evaluation, your orthopedic doctor can determine the severity of your situation and […]

Sandals Give Bunions a Break, but There’s More to Bunion Treatment

It’s sandal season! If you have a bunion, you may relish the relief of not squeezing your foot into tight-fitting shoes but wearing sandals alone doesn’t qualify as bunion treatment. With summer in full swing, our feet are taking center stage. They often get more use and more exposure as outdoor activities keep us on […]

James Ferrari, MD

Coming to Colorado by way of New England, Dr. Ferrari received an early introduction to orthopedics as a career through his father, …