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A Denver native, Dr. Alan Ng went to Chicago and Texas for his medical training and surgical fellowship as well as a short stint in…

Selecting the Right Treatment Option for Ankle Instability

Ankle injuries are very common. Most ankle injuries are the result of straining one of two ankle ligaments (the anterior talofibular ligament and the calcaneofibular ligament.) Many ankle ligament injuries resolve with conservative care such as air casts, activity limits, and medication that treats pain and reduces inflammation. But some people experience repeated ankle sprains, […]

Dane Swinehart, MD

As a Sports Medicine specialist, Dr. Swinehart’s practice focuses on getting his patients back to the activities they are passionate about as quickly as possible. Whether this be a new injury or an issue that has been lingering for years,

Jordan Feierman, DO

Dr. Feierman is a physiatrist who specializes in the non-surgical care of the entire spine, including fluoroscopic injections of the cervical,