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Jordan Feierman, DO

Dr. Feierman is a physiatrist who specializes in the non-surgical care of the entire spine, including fluoroscopic injections of the cervical,

Avoiding Tennis Elbow

Exercises to Avoid Tennis Elbow Golf and tennis seasons are in full swing, and that means people are playing more rounds, more frequently. As you increase your play, be mindful of repetitive movements that can lead to overuse injuries such as tennis elbow, and consider these exercises to avoid tennis elbow. What is Tennis Elbow? […]

Achilles Tendon Treatment Options

Achilles tendon pain treatments offer effective relief for tendonitis and Achilles tears. Although Achilles injuries are often the result of repetitive sports movements, daily activities can also lead to a tendon injury. Frequently, Achilles injuries are the result of a rapid increase in activity such as repetitive sports movements or increased daily activities that can […]

Michael Shen, MD

Originally from Colorado, Dr. Shen has always considered southern Denver his home. Growing up and going to Homestead Elementary, ..

Christopher D’Ambrosia, MD

As a Interventional Physiatrist, Dr. Christopher D‘Ambrosia treats a wide range of problems including sore shoulders, spinal cord injuries,…

ACL Reconstruction

Of the four ligaments that stabilize the knee joint, the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) is one of the most commonly injured. The ACL supports front-to-back and rotational joint functions. It is very strong but not very elastic, so sudden twisting or stopping movements can cause it to stretch or tear possibly requiring ACL reconstruction surgery. […]