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Tiffany M

Dr. Ng, I would personally like to thank you for everything you have done on my ankle. The time looking over x-rays and MRI results and finding answers. Every time I walk into your office you say something like “Hey kiddo” and assure me there is nothing I can do that you can’t fix. I […]

Leslie G.

I just wanted to send Dr. Ng a note to thank him for the amazing job he did on my ankles. It truly has given me so much of my mobility back, pain free. I can wear all my old shoes again!

Chris S.

I wanted to thank Dr. Ng for doing such an awesome job repairing my torn ligament in my ankle. He said my ankle was one of the loosest he had seen and he did my surgery in April and by mid July, I was back to jogging and now can run 3.5 miles without pain […]

Frana C.

Thank you so much Dr. Ng for the awesome care. I am very thankful to have 2 good feet and no pain. I appreciate all you did for me. It’s taken a lot of time and extra care from you. I am so grateful and glad to have you be my physician.

Carolyn R.

Dr. Ng, you will forever be my “hero” doc who will do anything to help improve/make a person’s quality of life better/less painful. You are truly a “one of a kind”. I hope the world treated you with the same quality that you provided to so many.

Ryan L.

Dr. Ng, just wanted to give you a update on my ankle since surgery in October (25th). Last Saturday (15th), I ran a 50k in Copper Mountain. I was able to run in 6 hours and 26 mins placing 31 out of 82. Other than being slightly slower than I was previously, I feel that […]

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