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Diane B.

Dr. Hurley, thanks for everything you did to help me (and my distal radius!), it really made such a wonderful difference in the amount of headaches I would have had to endure following the fracture.

Vickers M.

My heart felt thank you to everyone from receptionist to intra operative staff, Dr. Hurley, anesthesiology and recovery staff. Thank you for your expertise and excellence in your care for me.

Carolyn R.

Dr. Hurley, thank you so much for making the time to see me, at Dr. Ng’s request, to evaluate my elbow. I appreciate your opinion and recommendations. I’ve designed an elbow pa that will hopefully bring relief.

Ryan H

Dr. Hurley, I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude for your amazing gift. The gift of time with my daughter, making new memories and stories of incredible kindness. You have made an impact on my family in many ways some of which we did’t know existed until I shared my story. […]

Mary and Joe A.

Thank you Dr. Hurley so much for all you did for my husband. I’m sure the last thing you needed was a patient from out of state! He appreciated everything you did and your concern was very comforting to both of us. My husband was very fortunate to have such a good doctor take care […]

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Due to the weather, OCC Advanced Orthopedic with be closed today.

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