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Evelyn H

Dr. Shen is easy to talk to. He explains all aspects of treatment and answers questions. Surgery and recovery have been as was explained and expected, which has been very good.

Dacrus R

Dr Shen was very clear about neck fusion.  He covered everything completely.  I should have had him do this surgery sooner. I feel better than I have in years.

Evelyn S

Dr. Shen has completed both a cervical discectomy and fusion, and lumbar decompression for me (10 months apart). He is easy to talk to and takes all the time needed to explain diagnosis and treatment options. He is incredibly skilled. My surgeries went well and my recoveries have also gone well. He is well liked and respected by the hospital […]

Gay S

I knew my diagnosis would be more complicated than I was wishing for, but Dr. Shen helped me focus on the mechanics of my condition and reduced my fear of procedures. Thank you!

Jeanette B

She wanted to personally relay how thankful she was to see Dr. Shen one morning and how clear he made everything for her & boosted her with confidence. She said she was not tech savvy and did not know how to leave a google review, but she would give Dr. Shen 5 stars if she knew […]

Gene P

Dr. Shen, you have cared for me through four back surgeries and provided wonderful advice and information on my diagnosis and recovery. I am forever grateful for your knowledge and care, and I will remember you always.

Richard B

I think Dr. Shen and the staff of the Physical Therapy group are great.  I had great results from surgery and a great time with the Therapy group.  Dr. Shen did a great job.  I feel like I am back to being able to do most of what I couldn’t do before surgery.  Could not […]

Mike C

I just wanted to take a minute to say Thank You! I had experienced years of lower back pain compounded with pain down the back of both legs and urinary symptoms which were thought to be prostrate related. Dr. Shen eliminated my back pain, leg pain and improved my urinary symptoms with one surgery. I […]

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