Kelley P

Dr. Newman is a brilliant surgeon and very modest. I appreciate his knowledge and I like the fact that he takes the time to educate me on exactly what he purposes to do and why he has come to his reasoning. I also appreciate his kindness.

I felt good from the time of my MRI through to Surgery. I trusted him 100 percent. I had a few of my own self-imposed fears to work through before surgery and of course, once I called upon my  Positive Mental Attitude it helped EVERYTHING! Even my soft tissue smiled:)

Thank you so much Dr. Newman!

Paige C

Dr. Dambrosia is that rare physician who sets high standards for everyone that works with him. He is extremely caring, he actually listens, and he does everything he can to get you the treatment you need. Prior to moving here, I had gone to top dollar docs, (Mayo Clinic, San Fran, LA, Cedars, etc.). I would have gladly flown to CO to see him! Dr. Dambrosia is not afraid to say “I don’t know”–SO RARE in an MD– and he is patient. His goal for his patients is to get them mobile, and I am!! He is upbeat, so bright, and has an excellent staff (Terri, Rebecca, Mari). I am beyond lucky to have found him.

William B

I have had 5 surgeries on my left hip and femur due to hip replacement, femur fractures and an infectious disease contracted during one of the surgeries. When my prior surgeon discovered that I contracted another infectious disease, he told me that my issues were so severe that he recommended that I see Dr. Swann.. After a MRI and more lab tests, I met with Dr. Swann. During that consultation, he thoroughly explained the issues options and potential consequences of those options  We decided on another surgery and insertion of a spacer as that gave me the best option to walk again. The surgery was long and complicated be he not only had to completely clean the infectious disease, remove most of the riddled femur but he also constructed a new spacer. The incision was, by far, the most clean with no leakage when I returned home. In addition, the pain level was very low and intermittent. I have complete confidence in the abilities of Dr. Swann and am sure that he will have me walking again soon.

Richard B

I think Dr. Shen and the staff of the Physical Therapy group are great.  I had great results from surgery and a great time with the Therapy group.  Dr. Shen did a great job.  I feel like I am back to being able to do most of what I couldn’t do before surgery.  Could not ask for a better outcome. Lauren, Caroline, Atalia, Rose, and the interns are great.  They really helped me.  What I liked most is there were good listeners and adjusted PT to what I needed.  The PT staff are so friendly and cheerful. It is a pleasure to have such a great group of young people who obviously enjoy their work. Thanks so much for all that you did.

Robert H

Dr. Newman is an exceptionally skilled Orthopedic Surgeon that is very patient-oriented.  He took the time to get to know me better, performed an insightful diagnostic evaluation, and we discussed the approach of us going forward. Justin became a trusted partner in my overall healthcare on the very first appointment.  I never felt rushed through the entire appointment as though I was just another patient.  I highly recommend Dr. Newman as it’s hard to find the right mix of knowledge, skills, personal manner, and genuine empathy in today’s healthcare services.

Mike C

I just wanted to take a minute to say Thank You! I had experienced years of lower back pain compounded with pain down the back of both legs and urinary symptoms which were thought to be prostrate related. Dr. Shen eliminated my back pain, leg pain and improved my urinary symptoms with one surgery. I walked out the same day of surgery better than I walked in! I did not realize how bad my pain was or how the other symptoms impacted my daily life until Dr. Shen fixed everything! I have not felt this good or been pain-free for at least 15 years! Thank You Dr. Shen & Team!

Danelle G

I just wanted to thank Dr. Swann and PA Caleb for the great work they did on my hip labrum repair and my PAO. They were both upfront with me about this being a very painful surgery and a hard recovery. I am 2 weeks post op as of 8/19/2020 and i am completely pain free and feeling great. I know not everyones surgery and recovery will be the same. I had some soft bone in my hip so my weight bearing pre cautions are a little extended compared to the normal. But if theres any fear from anyone getting ready to have this procedure done, don’t be afraid. You’re in great hands. They did such a fantastic job and i cant wait to see where my recovery takes me.

Madeleine G.

I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you to your team and Dr. Newman to help heal my femoral stress fracture last winter. I was terrified I would never run again, but with your treatment and guidance, I ran my first post injury race this weekend. I got 1st for my age group in the Beaverhead 100K and qualified for Western States. I never thought I’d get past my injury, but also never imagined I’d come back stronger. Thank you so so much!

Kelley P.

I wanted to take a few minutes to Thank-you for your exceptional work from your Staff and your Doctors. I came to you initially to get a second opinion about a surgery for my daughter. We saw Dr. Jacobson He was impressive. 5 years later I broke my toe and I choose to see Dr. Jacobson for my care and it was stellar. My daughter and I were in a Car Wreck and initially we sought out a different group and were very dissatisfied. We decided to try the other Doctors in your office because of our experience with Dr. Jacobson. We have seen Dr. Hurley, Dr. Cary Motz, as well Dr. Newman. Thank-you for high quality care and not treating us like another number but people in pain seeking out your expertise. I see what I think is happening in the Medical Field and I hope you all stay as amazing as you are. I would also like to add that any PA or any assistant, especially Kianna with Dr. Jacobson are very dedicated and excellent at their work. I have no idea how you do it because your receptionists are also bright, kind and very welcoming. When I sat down to try and write an email on my phone, I started complaining about the other group but I decided to think about all of your offices talent and let you all know you are deeply appreciated.

Thank-you for not just making me and my family a number and your high quality of care.

Joann K.

Dr. D’Ambrosia, some people are gifted with creativity. Some people are good at being compassionate. Some are good at making flowers grow no matter what. You are all of those and more! Thank you for squeezing me in!! I was at the point of not being able to walk, and today, I feel like a huge weight has been lifted! Be well. Always sending prayers to you and all those you love and hold dear for health and happiness. You certainly give out enough! I appreciate you!