Arlyn L

Dr. Hurley did surgery on my left wrist in 2005 and it’s been perfect until I broke it again in April 2014! Because of the positioning of the fracture, he put me in a very cool cast/brace and followed it closely. This one healed just fine without needing surgery.  I point that out because some doctors are only interested in your care if you are a surgery patient; Dr. Hurley is absolutely wonderful. He’s efficient, but still makes you feel like he’s interested and concerned.  I highly recommend him for wrist and hand issues.

Elizabeth W

I wanted to take a minute to thank Dr. Hurley for my wonderful office experience. A friend referred me to you because of the pain I had on top of my wrist. I was unable to continue playing tennis in my club championships before our appointment. But thanks to your professionalism and skill, you took care of the problem and I actually won 2 divisions. Most importantly, I want to thank you for your bed-side manner which was very caring as well as being efficient. Your office got me in and out so quickly, all offices should be modeled after yours. Although this is likely a temporary fix, I am thrilled with the outcome so far. Thanks again.

Kevin M

Dr. Hurley, I just wanted to say thank you for providing such great care and attention to me for my broken finger. As I told you in the office, I am extremely appreciative of the fact that you made room to see me on such short notice. I know how busy you are, and yet, within an hour of calling your office, I was in your examining room. I am thrilled that I was able to avoid surgery, and my finger is almost back to normal. Your reputation as the preeminent hand specialist in town is much deserved.

Jack C

Thank you so much Dr. Hurley, for all your assistance regarding my ulna fracture. I appreciated all your efforts to help me recover in order to be ready to report to the U. S. Air Force Academy. Once again, thank you.

Anna S.

Dr. Hurley, Thank you for fixing my wrist. Ironman here I come!