Scott C.

I just wanted to thank you Dr. Hurley for seeing me on such short notice for my finger. It seems to be responding well to the Augmentin.

Vickers M

Dr. Hurley, we so appreciate your expertise in both your surgical and patient care! Thank you so much for your encouragement every time we came for post-op visits. I had heard such wonderful reports from the patients whom I referred to you! Now I have seen your handiwork and wonderful manner as you cared for Richard. You are simply a gifted surgeon and have such a great sense of humor, kindness, and good communication. Richard is not overly fond of doctors…and he really respects and enjoys you. Well done.

Virginia S

Thank you for all of your expertise with my hand problems Dr. Hurley. It’s great to know that I have the best hand surgeon in Denver!

Judy M

Dr. Hurley: Your expertise has restored the functions of my right hand and I am very grateful. Have a Happy New Year.

Virginia R

I want to thank Dr. Hurley for all you have done. I am anxious to test my thumb on the tennis court when I am all healed up! Thanks again.

Jayce A

I just wanted to thank Dr. Hurley for fixing my arm and putting my cast on.

Kathy V

Thank you Dr. Hurley for the excellent care I received from you. Before you did the surgery on my elbow and wrist, I could barely bend or rotate my arm. The surgery really got my arm moving much better, and allowed me to make progress. I really appreciate the excellent work you did and your kind care.

Bonnie S

A million thanks to Dr. Hurley for all you did for my hands, and a million more thanks for all you are!! Thanks for changing my life back to more normal. You are truly gifted!!

Gabriela and Peter G

Dr. Hurley, thank you for your help. We really appreciate your expertise.

Dewayne E

Back in 2009 I had surgery on my left shoulder and Dr. Hurley was the one that operated on it. That shoulder is 100% right now. On 07.31.14 I injured my right shoulder and knew immediately that I needed to see him again. I went in and we looked at the x-rays and decided to not do surgery unless I need it down the road. I have had a total of 5 surgeries with Advanced Orthopedic and recommend them to all of the players that I coach as well as the guys that I play with.