Tennis Elbow

Avoiding Tennis Elbow

Exercises to Avoid Tennis Elbow Golf and tennis seasons are…
achilles tendon

Achilles Tendon Treatment Options

Achilles tendon pain treatments offer effective relief for tendonitis…
Michael Shen, MD

Michael Shen, MD

Originally from Colorado, Dr. Shen has always considered southern Denver his home. Growing up and going to Homestead Elementary, ..
Christopher D'Ambrosia, MD

Christopher D’Ambrosia, MD

As a Interventional Physiatrist, Dr. Christopher D‘Ambrosia treats a wide range of problems including sore shoulders, spinal cord injuries,...
ACL Reconstruction and ACL Tear

ACL Reconstruction

Of the four ligaments that stabilize the knee joint, the anterior…
Davis Hurley, MD

Davis K. Hurley, MD

Dr. Davis Hurley was born and raised in the Southwest before calling Colorado his home...
shoulder injury

Common Treatments for Shoulder Injuries and Shoulder Pain

As one of the body’s major joints, the shoulder is the most…
H. Andrew Motz, MD

H. Andrew Motz, MD

Dr. Andrew Motz is a Colorado native and one of the most respected orthopedic surgeons in the region...
Wayne Gersoff, MD

Wayne Gersoff, MD

Dr. Wayne Gersoff recognized his desire to enter a career in medicine, and, in particular, surgery, at an early stage in his education...