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Ski Season is Officially Underway in Colorado. Are you ready?

Skiing is a great winter activity, and because it uses all of our muscle groups, it makes for great exercise. As Coloradans we are blessed to have easy access to some of the world’s greatest skiing, and the first local resort is already open for the 2013-14 season. But the best snow is still to come, so […]

October is the ultimate CrossFit month

Did you know that October is the ultimate “CrossFit” month? Yes, I’m talking about the fitness trend – cross-training strength and conditioning programs – but I’m also talking about sports fans! October is the only month of the year when pro football, basketball, hockey, baseball, golf and even soccer are all in full swing. Unless you’re getting […]

Does your son or daughter have heel pain? 3 Steps for prevention and recovery.

Heel pain is becoming more and more common among active kids, tweens and young teens. If your child is suffering, there is help! Advanced Orthopedic’s Dr. Paul Stone, a specialist in complex reconstructive surgery of the foot and ankle, answers three of the most common questions about heel pain in kids: My child has severe heel pain […]

Are you considering joint replacement?

Are you considering joint replacement? Get the facts. Find a fit. Plan Ahead. Three tips to keep seasonal changes from slowing you down. It’s officially fall in the Mile High City, and along with cooler weather and shorter days, there will soon be another sure sign of fall in doctors’ offices across the country: full […]

Maintaining good hydration on hot days.

Fall high school sports seasons are in full swing, but it still feels like summer in Colorado. It’s a good time for parents and kids alike to think about what they put in their bodies before, during and after a workout. Dehydration can lead to fatigue, reduced concentration (and performance), and cramping. There are myriad sports, energy and “water” drinks on the market today […]

Is it time to put some swim in your life?

Coloradans continue to be captivated by Franklin Fever as Centennial’s own Missy Franklin has made swimming waves from London to this weeks final‬ world championships‬. But beyond the local pride and admiration of ability and medal count, do you truly appreciate the value of swimming in your daily exercise and training routine? Temperatures average 87 degrees in Colorado in July and […]