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Does chronic shoulder pain mean it’s time for a shoulder replacement?

If recurrent shoulder pain is interfering with your daily life, it may not mean that you need a Shoulder Replacement but you may benefit from being seen by an orthopedic shoulder specialist.  Because shoulder pain can have multiple causes, your physician should include a complete medical and personal history in evaluating your shoulder concerns. Causes […]

Shouldering the Load: Relieving Shoulder Pain is Easier than You Think

Did you know that the shoulder is the body’s most flexible joint? Despite it’s amazing ability to rotate in almost every direction, we rarely appreciate the shoulder’s hard-working, universal role until pain disrupts your normal routine. Fortunately, finding and relieving shoulder pain is often easier that you might think. Our team always starts with non-surgical […]


This time of year, it’s easy to find reasons to become a couch potato. Cold temps, snow and cloudy days put a damper on even the most motivated among us. Thankfully here in Colorado we’ve had more than our share of mild and even warm days so far this month, and we’ve seen people everywhere […]