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Are you at risk for a ruptured Achilles? How to reduce your risk.

A ruptured Achilles is the most common tendon rupture that can occur in your legs. The Achilles tendon connects your calf muscles to your heel bone. While it is a strong tendon, it can partially or fully tear, or rupture, if over extended.   Certain demographic and lifestyle factors can increase your risk for a […]

Snowboarders vs Ski Ankle Injuries

Colorado: If it ever snows enough to ski or board again, avoid these common ankle injuries and stay on the mountain longer! In Colorado, we’re having one of the slowest starts to the ski and snowboard season in a while, with even less snow than last year at this time. But late December brought plenty […]

Can Peyton Manning return to the line-up in 2 weeks or is a quick recovery just a fantasy?

Even newly minted Brock Osweiler fans want to know if and when Peyton Manning will step on the field again. And when a legendary quarterback suffers from plantar fasciitis, the hard-to-pronounce medical condition quickly becomes a hot topic. Bronco fans and fantasy team players everywhere have likely Googled plantar fasciitis more than game day weather […]