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Knee Pain Making Your Glory Days Feel Like Ancient History?

Does your nagging knee pain remind you of your glory days as a star athlete perhaps being queen (or king) of your rec league? If you’re like many active adults, you’ve been competing in one form or another most of your life. But if an incoming weather front makes you think more about Advil than […]

Preventing, Diagnosing and Treating Denver Rotator Cuff Tears

Across Denver rotator cuff tears are occurring in greater numbers because of baseball and other sports that use overhand movements or mechanics (e.g. tennis, volleyball and track and field). While common in many sports, the mechanics of the movement are actually very unnatural and create stress on the stabilizing elements of the shoulder. Combined with […]

Is your young athlete SMART?

5 ways to stay healthy during spring soccer Soccer season is here! All across the front range, youth soccer teams are back at it. Practices are in full swing and games have begun! No matter what level of play your young athlete enjoys, sports injuries are unfortunately part of the game, and knee and leg […]

Does your golf buddy have the solution to your knee or hip pain?

Knee or hip pain can be excruciating and when you are in pain, you want relief – pure and simple. And there is no shortage of advice on how to fix your joint problem, right? If your pain is keeping you from being active, you’ve probably had plenty of advice from well-meaning friends, fellow sports […]

Baseball season is officially here

Baseball season is officially here. The Rockies home opener is today, and youth seasons at all levels are underway. Here in Colorado, there’s a lot of discussion about a new rule that will go into effect to protect high school pitchers in 2016 – a maximum pitch count rule. The limit, adopted by the Colorado […]