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What do hiking, high heels and hitting the court all have in common? Ankle danger.

Spring is here; a time when Coloradans are hitting the trails and the courts and trading in winter boots for spring heels. But when winter flurries turn into a flurry of activity, we open ourselves to the possibility of injury. One of the most common injuries each spring is ankle injury. Lateral movements, walking on […]

Shovel Again? Protect Your Spine and Joints

Dr. Jacobson demonstrates how to shovel correctly. Keep your arms close to your body and use your core for strength and stability. Make small scoops, especially with heavy, wet snow. Avoid throwing snow great distances. Instead, push the snow. Pace yourself. Shoveling is cardio and strength training rolled into one. Purchase a good shovel, one […]

2 Keys to Pain Free Powder Days: Fit and Form

With all this fresh powder, any skier or boarder has to be excited to hit the slopes. As an avid skier myself, winter is one of my favorite times to enjoy all that Colorado has to offer. But sometimes, powder seekers experience a pain that’s greater than I-70 traffic, even with the new toll lane: […]

On the Job Wellness: Is your desk job killing you?

It’s spring in Colorado! The weather has been great and many of us have been taking advantage of the warm days to be active. But even on the most gorgeous of days, many of us still fall victim to that perennial fitness killer, the desk job. It doesn’t matter if you do your work in an […]

5 tips to spring into outdoor running season

Spring is in the air, and there are dozens of area runs that signal a start to the summer running season. Although Colorado weather allows for nearly year-round running, it’s this time of year that runners are ramping up and getting ready outside for greater distances and frequency. As you tune up, here are five […]