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ACL tear: causes, symptoms and treatment options for this common knee injury

Knee pain and knee injuries such as an ACL tear are all too common occurrences, whether you compete in organized sports or play recreationally. Like many knee injuries, an ACL tear is often caused by movements that we see in sports like tennis, basketball and football, such as landing flat on your heels or planting […]

MAKOplasty: Advanced Orthopedic’s less-invasive option for knee osteoarthritis.

Are you sitting on the decision to relieve your knee pain? As we age, countless adults fight through knee pain or stiffness that occurs while standing, walking short distances or starting from a sitting position. Colorado has one of the nation’s fastest-growing aging populations and in six years, there will be more than 1.3 million […]

How Does Playing Injured Impact Performance? Focus on the Shoulder

We see it all the time in pro sports, athletes compete when they are not 100% and often try to mask injuries to stay on the field ice or court, especially when the season is on the line. Seattle Seahawk Earl Thomas boasted days before the Superbowl that he has played injured all his life, […]