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When is it time to consider shoulder replacement surgery?

And what type of surgery is right for you? Shoulder replacement surgery requires careful thought and planning, but for those who’ve exhausted other treatment options, it can be the best way to restore range of motion, relieve pain and help you return to an active lifestyle. Many different conditions can lead to the severe pain […]

Does a Broken Collar Bone Mean Broken Dreams?

Spotlight on Colorado hockey player Cade Alcock Overcoming injuries is always a challenge in contact sports, and for Regis Jesuit hockey defenseman Cade Alcock, that challenge came in the form of a broken collar bone on a September night in 2016. Playing in a preseason game for the state’s top-ranked Regis Raiders, Cade collided with […]

Not just an athlete’s problem: rotator cuff tears are more common than you think

  Although also a common injury among athletes, rotator cuff tears are actually most common in people over 40; and age, in addition to family history and repetitive motion activities, are the top risk factors for a rotator cuff tear. The injury is also a frequent topic of discussion with baseball and tennis players, who […]

HIP CHECK: Preventing and Recovering from Hip Injuries

Fall sports are already in full swing and preparation for winter sports is gearing up. At Advanced Ortho, our goal is to provide our community with the guidance, resources, and services you need to keep you active and enjoying all the seasons that Colorado has to offer. Sports are as diverse as the seasons, but […]