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Advanced Orthopedic and Sports Medicine Specialists is widely recognized as the regional leader in comprehensive orthopedic services. Our physicians have received specialized training in orthopedic surgery and in subspecialty areas within the field of orthopedic medicine. In addition, many sit on national boards and committees within their specialty. Our team of highly skilled physicians can diagnose and treat even the most complicated orthopedic conditions and develop a treatment plan with the goal of getting you active again.

Our Centers of Excellence

In The News:

We’re celebrating Halloween all week long by debunking common myths. Read on to learn the facts. MYTH #1: Exercise makes arthritis pain worse. FACT: Lack of exercise can actually make joints feel stiff. One of the most important ways to maintain strength, range of motion and even minimize arthritis pain is through regular exercise. All joints need rest between exercise sessions, and you should be sure to work with your doctor to select the right exercise regimen for you, but don’t assume that exercise will make your symptoms worse. MYTH #2: Popping Your Knuckles turns your hands into claws fit for a zombie. FACT: The...

  • Dr. Chang did an amazing job with my knee replacement and gave me the ability to continue with physical activities I had put on hold! Thank you! Jim W
  • Alan Ng, DPM

    Meet one of our Specialists:

    A Denver native, Dr. Alan Ng went to Chicago and Texas for his medical training and surgical fellowship as well as a short stint in practicing podiatric surgery before eventually moving back to his hometown to join Advanced Orthopedics. Dr. Ng specializes primarily in Foot and Ankle Reconstructive Surgery and Trauma. Outside of his own practice, he is heavily involved in the world of podiatric medicine, currently serving as President for the American Board of Foot and Ankle Surgery, and has been Chair of the Oral Foot examination for Board Certification in foot surgery for the past 7 years....